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Carbon fiber poles

OUR poles

3 Models


Bjorn To

Intended for use on groomed trails, or on the road during the "off-season".

Whether you are skate or classic skiing, across all ages, and level of experience, purpose and ambition. Because every gram matters when you are trying to ski fast and enjoy your adventure, these poles have a superlight, 100% carbon ultra stiff shaft, so you don’t carry any unnecessary weight around the track. 

Choose from 4 colors: Burnt Orange, Pink, Lilac, Navy,


Bjorn to adventure

Delivers lightweight performance. The carbon fiber we incorporate into this 50% carbon fiber, 50% fiberglass pole is superior high-modulus. This gives the pole its remarkable stiffness and light swing weight compared to other poles in its category. Your adventure experience will be on-point.
Choose from two colors: Granite Gray, and Grape.


Bjorn to Ascend

The 100% carbon fiber 2-section pole is made for your next mountain tour! Because of the high modulus carbon fiber material and construction, the poles are ultra light and very stiff so you don't waste any energy exploring.

The poles come with an accessory bag of 4-season baskets and tips.

Poles extend from 110cm - 140cm.

Choose from 2 colors: Mint and High-viz Yellow.

SAME characteristics

Sheer PSI

What you are looking for as a skier –power and strength – you want to get up the steep hill, out of the starting gate, and instant power acceleration with confidence. The Fly is built to

be strong and handle your high power output pole plants.

Argo fit Cork grip

The handles are made

of a comfortable cork grip with an adjustable competition-grade rh/lh hammock-sling that hugs each hand for maximum pole control and direct power transfer.

No Vibration 

A stiff, no-flex, no-vibration pole plant that efficiently translates your energy

directly to forward motion.

Low Carbon Footprint

We are reducing transportation-related carbon emissions by not relying on up-stream ski pole manufacturing facilities located overseas. The clips you received with every new pair of poles are made of recycled plastic. Plus, we always encourage our community to choose to ski or nordic walk to work, school or on your next errand.

Aerospace-grade carbon

All poles made of high-quality carbon fiber including aerospace-grade and ultra-high modulus carbon fibers. The combination of fiber material, construction ‘lay-up’ and production method are what the Ratio Made Inc. composite engineering team out of Redmond, Washington have precisely dialed-in to achieve each Bjorn To pole model’s performance properties and competitive pricing.

Made in USA

Proudly designed, manufactured, finished and quality checked at the Ratio Made shop located in Redmond Washington, just outside of Seattle allows us to leverage the booming advanced composite ecosystem in the Pacific Northwest. Our composite engineers are an important part of this country's technical manufacturing workforce.



We are the first pole brand to offer an extended warranty. Yes that is right, you break your poles, you get a new shaft, no questions asked.

1 year warranty: $29 

2 year warranty: $39


Nordic skiing poles size guide


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