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We are the first ski pole brand to offer a warranty. Yes that is right, you break your poles, you get a new shaft, no question asked.

1 year warranty:   $29

2 year warranty: $39

What is not covered under the BJORN TO Warranty ?


  • The Warranty is available on all Bjorn To pole models

  • The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear

  • It does not cover lost or stolen pole parts

  • Missing Baskets, Tips, Straps or Grips due to wear and tear

  • It does not cover chewed straps or grips by animals or other living beings

  • Bjorn To Customer Service reserves the right to limit the amount of Return Authorizations assigned per customer over any given period of time. A customers claim(s) will be scrutinized based on rate of recurrence.

We will replace them at no cost to you. Shipping is $15 if you request the replacement pole to be shipped to you. Free pick up at point of purchase.

For poles purchased directly through Bjorn To's webstore, submit a warranty claim by emailing the following information to


Warranty is limited at 2 claims

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