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Poles made in USA


Brand story 

Bjorn To was founded in 2023 by a team of pro skiers and carbon fiber specialist who decided to develop a ski brand 100%.  The head office is in Winthrop WA and the factory is in Redmond, WA.


​In 2020 Erik and Marine Bjornsen took over one of the largest nordic ski shops in the Pacific Northwest. During their time in the shop they quickly realized the need for a brand with modern style, top level performance, and made locally. Sohier Hall, a friend who heads up Ratio Made, a composite manufacturing company based in Redmond, WA was the perfect partner to make this dream reality. Tyler Simpson, also pictured above, is part of the Bjorn To family as an investor. After several years of prototypes and developing poles we were all happy with, we launched our brand in October of 2023.

Meet the Team

Bjorn to Poles
Carbon fiber Factory- Ratio made
Testing poles
Washinton pass
Wasghinton pass Overlook
ratio made
Methow Valley Nordic skiing
Poles Made in USA
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